If you’ve ever suffered with depression, you’ll know that it’s unlike any sadness you’ve ever felt before. There’s a hopelessness about life, you can’t eat, you have no energy, but you can’t sleep. You just feel worthless and life feels pointless. Maybe that’s how you feel too. The words in the poem I’ve written may also resonate with you.

Depression is not just about feeling down.

I try not to walk around with a frown,

but it’s difficult to fake a smile.

I try my hardest to be happy,

but most of the time I feel pretty crappy.

Depression can be crying for no reason,

sometimes I feel beaten.

I wish I could fight this demon inside my head,

so my mind can have some freedom instead.

I don’t know when my depression will strike,

but I have to continually fight,

day and night.

I wear my smile as my mask,

I wear it quite well,

and no one would ever tell,

that I’m actually going through hell.

Coping is hard sometimes,

it’s difficult to go on,

but my strength gets me along.

I hope you understand,

that occasionally I need a helping hand.

Depression was not my choice,

these wounds that are invisible,

make me sometimes miserable.

I’m not ashamed of this condition,

it somehow keeps me driven,

to open up about my pain,

without driving me insane.

– AM x

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